Asset Management

We offer both discretionary and advisory asset management solutions, which are designed by our investment professionals and adapted to your specific needs. Our investment philosophy and operational framework are structured towards capital preservation and robust long-term performance.

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Solutions for Individual Investors and Institutions

Typically, our clients grant us a discretionary asset management mandate. In this case, we are responsible for managing your portfolio in a way that is compatible with your risk profile, goals, resources, and investment objectives. After the initial setup of your investment portfolio, our monitoring procedures ensure that your portfolio remains optimal and in accordance with your mandate.

Advisory Asset Management

In certain cases, however, our advisory asset management offering may be more suitable or desirable. Some investors may wish to manage their portfolio themselves but, at the same time, may also wish to take into account and benefit from the professional insights and experience of our analysts and portfolio managers.

Our mission in FP Asset Management is to help our clients meet their financial objectives. We believe that each individual is unique, with specific needs, objectives, and desires. Moreover, people have unique combinations of assets and liabilities, or income and spending habits. To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we first try to understand their current status and future objectives through the financial planning process. This allows us to tailor our asset management solutions to each client’s profile.

We provide specialized investment management services and proprietary research insights to institutional clients. Over the last decade, we have successfully provided investment advisory services to foundations, endowments, insurance companies, pension funds, and other asset managers. Additionally, our Asset and Liability Management solutions can help institutional clients operate in a predictable and sustainable manner.