Asset Classes

The Unique Pieces of your Asset Allocation Puzzle

Having made the crucial allocation decision, we monitor developments in a wide range of asset classes which comprise the building blocks of your portfolio. According to academic consensus and our own proprietary research, a balanced portfolio should ideally include all asset classes. Our expertise in the specific characteristics of each asset class enables us to construct strategic portfolios that accurately reflect your personal characteristics and risk preferences.

Moreover, by knowing how asset classes are related to each other and to business cycles, we can exploit changes in the investment opportunity set via tactical shifts in the strategic allocation.

Before constructing your investment portfolio, our investment advisors will inform you about all the important properties and risk characteristics of each class. We will not invest any portion of available capital in instruments with dubious features. Moreover, we will provide insights on our global outlook and investment strategy and keep you informed about how each asset class is expected to perform and contribute to portfolio risk given our views on market developments.